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Rahaminov Diamonds, a supplier of beautifully cut large and rare diamonds, has evolved into an internationally known manufacturer of unique jewelry. Since the company began almost 70 years ago in Europe, it has evolved and emerged as an internationally known industry leader of exceptional, elegant and unique jewelry while providing customers with well-made white and fancy colored diamonds. Rahaminov features many of the most beautiful diamonds as center stones in a variety of classic and fashion jewelry lines, including Forevermark diamonds. Offering a wide assortment of colors and shapes, our exquisite and inspired diamond jewelry creations are available in a variety of precious metal colors and surface textures, and are all made in the USA. Featuring unparalleled quality, impeccable detail, and sophisticated elegance, the classic handmade designs, which include award winning pieces, are the ultimate in luxury and style.

The passionate, innovative, bold designs also include fashion-forward diamond jewelry in vibrant colors, such as the Kifani Collection, which are truly jewelry as art. This collection incorporates polished rough, fancy colored diamonds with unique hand-made designs set in earthy motifs.

The Ilaria Collection spotlights larger diamonds set in a rich, brushed gold. Rahaminov’s signature diamond flowers are produced in white, fancy yellow, black, and Kifani diamond designs. Exciting fashion jewelry includes black diamonds set in various colors of gold, and for contemporary jewelry with an innovative twist, the rose gold collection.

For women, the Key Collection features essential and timeless diamond jewelry with a modern flair. For men, the Moses Collection is a masculine jewelry line designed for the contemporary gentleman. These collections are both basic yet one of a kind creations that are unparalleled by the competition.

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