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Losing your wedding ring, family heirloom jewelry, or a loose diamond is an awful experience and unfortunately it’s a story we hear all too often.  I highly recommend that you schedule the time to make sure that your jewelry is properly taken care of and insured in case of loss or theft.

At Orloff Jewelers we offer free ring cleaning and prong inspection without an appointment. While cleaning is mostly for aesthetic reasons, too much dirt or “gunk” near the prongs can cause friction and loosen the diamond. In addition, prongs are easily bent or wear out and should be inspected at least once year if not more for rings you wear daily.

As a Certified Gemologist, and member of the GIA and GSA, I can also provide you peace of mind with a Retail Replacement Appraisal in case of loss or theft. Appraisals are $150 for the first piece, $50 for additional pieces and include a written certificate. Plus, in the case of a dispute, the written certification also allows me to be a witness on your behalf.


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